NAU Robotics and Youngsan University Sign an Agreement on Cultivation of Industrial Robot Manpower


CEO Lee Jong-ju of NAU Robotics, an industrial robot maker, announced on Oct. 12 in 2021 that the company signed an agreement with Youngsan University on jointly opening and operating an industrial robot major course in order to cultivate robot manpower. The agreement ceremony was held in a non-face-to-face manner considering the corona situation.

According to the agreement, Youngsan University established an industrial robot major. The curriculum includes not only theoretical classes but also field education under a plan where students will learn practical business lessons in order to apply them in industrial fields immediately.

NAU Robotics provides various opportunities about field training to cultivate manpower specialized in the robot industry. The company is going to employ students who finish the course with high grades every year.

NAU Robotics has been actively recruiting manpower specialized in the robot sector and pursuing a project aimed at organizing learning to help new employees gain knowledge of robots quickly and adapt to the organization. Thanks to such continuous efforts, the company was selected by Incheon as an excellent SME in terms of job creation and was listed as a small but strong enterprise by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

Lee Jong-ju, CEO of NAU Robotics, said, “Hopefully, through cooperation with Youngsan University, the company will get an opportunity to strengthen its competitiveness by expanding excellent employees and will be very helpful for the nation by moving ahead with the 4th Industrial Revolution.” NAU Robotics, established in 2016, is a robot maker developing industrial robots and establishing smart factories. The company recently has recorded surpluses by providing optimal automation solutions to small and medium-sized businesses suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic and a manpower shortage. NAU Robotics is going to introduce the robot series exclusively for plastic injection machines in November.