NAU Robotics “to Become a Global Robotics Company” Through IPO



NAU Robotics “to Become a Global Robotics Company” Through IPO

“NAU Robotics probably is the only robot venture which has continuously recorded surpluses since its establishment.” CEO Lee Jong-ju said, “Since being founded in 2016, NAU Robotics has continuously increased sales and recorded surpluses,” adding, “The company will be reborn as a global robotics company using the upcoming IPO as a stepping stone.”

NAU Robotics is a company specializing in industrial robots and smart factories. Recognized for its growth potential and latent power, the company attracted investment from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund was selected as a ‘First Penguin’ by the fund.

The company, in particular, has provided the best solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises and recorded surpluses drawing an upward sales curve since its foundation. In terms of sales, the company posted 800 million won in 2017, 1.6 billion won in 2018, 3.2 billion won in 2019, 8.2 billion won in 2020 and 8.3 billion won in 2021. The net profit for the recent three years was 263.51 million won in 2019, 420.92 million won in 2020 and 229.62 million won in 2021.

Lee mentioned technology and know-how as driving forces of company growth. NAU Robotics has many veteran workers with careers of over two decades in robot automation. The company also has secured engineers in all fields. “Based on this, the company has introduced various industrial robots, such as orthogonal take-out robots, multi-axes robots and Scara robots. We also have excellent site-tailored designs by experts with much experience,” stressed Lee.

NAU Robotics has a plan to increase the lineups of industrial robots, its main business, and expand business areas to new fields. The company is trying to develop self-driving logistics robots to be released this year.

NAU Robotics is developing self-driving logistics robots with purely domestic technology. A focus has been put on robots which can immediately handle problems, can be conveniently used and easily updated. The company is going to introduce logistics robots which can be easily managed and operated according to the manufacturing environment, according to Lee.

NAU Robotics is anticipated to continuously make growth. The company recently moved to a new building which is about five times wider than the previous one. With the relocation, the company has established a system for robot mass-production to secure an ability to product robots more quickly and efficiently.

The company also is preparing an IPO. Last year, it signed a contract with Hi Investment & Securities to be the host in preparing listing on the KOSDAQ. NAU Robotics has a goal to enter the KOSDAQ market in 2023.

According to Lee, NAU Robotics plans to use the funds obtained from being listed on the KOSDAQ to build more factories for mass-production. The company has a strategy to expand sales and grow to be a global robotics enterprise through it.

Lee said, “If the company enters the KOSDAQ market, it will have an opportunity to be a leader of global robotics after being something of a ‘dark horse’ in the field of industrial robots.” He added that they would try to develop the capacity to become a global company.