NAU Robotics Successfully Completes ‘Korea PACK 2022’ Exhibition with LS Mtron


다관절 로봇

NAU Robotics Successfully Completes ‘Korea PACK 2022’ Exhibition with LS Mtron

NAU Robotics, a leader of robotics, successfully completed ‘Korea PACK 2022’ (hereinafter referred to as Korea PACK) in which the company participated with LS Mtron.

NAU Robotics participated in the Korea PACK exhibition which was held in the exhibition hall 1 in KINTEX located in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, for four days on June 14~17 with LS Mtron. 

At the event, NAU Robotics introduced new NURO X, multi-axes robots exclusively for plastic injection, to related and interested persons for the first time. The company demonstrated a multi-axes robot take-out system by connecting NURO X and an injection machine of LS Mtron and attracted the visitors’ attention.


In addition, officials of NAU Robotics met over 200 customers from companies and suggested various plans to apply automation to the injection sites using catalogs and promotional materials. The visitors responded very positively and said that the new robots were very economical because not only insert and taking-out but also various post-processing processes, such as cutting, loading and palletizing, became possible with NURO X. 

In particular, the excellent control technology applying software developed by the company was highly praised for maximizing the users’ convenience. The company introduced an ‘easy’ control solution by which field workers can swiftly respond by changing programs without getting help from robot experts. In this way, they overcame the existing prejudice that multi-axes robots were difficult to use and demonstrated their own distinct differences.

CEO Lee of NAU Robotics said, “Through this event, we introduced NURO X multi-joint robots for the first time after establishing our system to mass-produce robots, highly satisfying related persons in the industry,” adding, “We will actively promote the robot series products integrating our own differentiated technology offline to more customers in the second half by reflecting them in the course of the Corona endemic.” 


다관절 로봇

Meanwhile, NAU Robotics, a maker of industrial robots, has recorded surpluses since its foundation in 2016. The company established a system to mass-produce robots this year and released new industrial robots.


Additionally, the company has a plan to expand its business to the area of logistics automation systems based on diverse automation solutions and control technology developed by it and is pursuing an IPO in 2023.