[Issue] NAU Robotics Starts to Expand the Share of the Industrial Robot Market… “To Promote the Listing on Kosdaq Next Year”


NAU Robotics introduced NURO X, new robots, at ‘Korea Pack 2022’ held at KINTEX in Gyeonggi-do on June 14~17. At the exhibition, NAU Robotics demonstrated how NURO X, multi-joint robots, works in connection with the injection machines of LS Mtron, attracting visitors’ attention. The company demonstrated it at an offline site for the first time after releasing it in April this year.

Lee stressed, “We introduced NURO X multi-axes robots for the first time after establishing our robot mass-production system, greatly satisfying related persons in the industry,” adding, “We will introduce the differentiated robot series of our company in order to secure more offline customers.”    

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◆ Release ‘NURO X’ After Trying to Develop It Over One Year … “Overcome Limitations of Orthogonal Robots”

‘NURO X’ introduced by NAU Robotics at ‘Korea Pack 2022’ is a multi-axes robot exclusively for plastic injection. As it bends and unfolds like human arms and legs while working, it is called a multi-axes robot. A development period of over one year was necessary to develop these robots which are mostly used in industrial sites for manufacturing plastic.

According to an official of NAU Robotics, multi-axes robots are more versatile than orthogonal robots (robots which take out finished products from injection machines and move to conveyors) made by the company. In the case of cartesian robots, they have no processing function to change the shapes at plastic injection machines so clients should additionally operate automatic cutting machines. 

As the new ‘NURO X’ multi-axes robots can change plastic into various shapes and move it to a conveyor after manufacturing, they have overcome limitations of the existing cartesian robots. Another advantage is that workers can easily operate them without robot experts by adopting easy UI·UX programming, according to the company.

An official of NAU Robotics said, “Owing to the functions and economic aspects of the products, visitors to the exhibition responded very positively.”


Huge Growth March Every Year Since Establishment …“Sales Target of This Year Is 15 Billion Won”
NAU Robotics, a company founded in 2016, has developed and produced three types of industrial robots – multi-axes robots (four kinds), cartesian robots (11 kinds) and Scara robots (four kinds). Including the new NURO X multi-axes robots, the company has released up to 19 kinds of robots.

The company was created less than 10 years ago, but it has been consistently recognized for its technology and competitiveness. The company acquired the INNO-Biz certification from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and was certified as a promising SME by Incheon in 2020. The company made another big jump to become a ‘vision enterprise’ in Incheon in 2021, and it was listed as a small but strong business for two consecutive years by the Ministry of Employment and Labor last month. In addition, it acquired the ISO certification with regard to the distribution of industrial robots and automation facilities and four related patents.

It also is positive that the company has maintained a high sales growth and surplus since its foundation. According to an official of NAU Robotics, the company recorded sales of 800 million won in 2017 and the figure has increased every year to 1.6 billion in 2018, 3.2 billion in 2019, 8.2 billion in 2020 and 8.3 billion in 2021. In terms of the operating profit, the company generated 50 million won in 2018, 290 million in 2019, 430 million in 2020 and 120 million in 2021. The company has a sales target of 15 billion won for this year.


An official of the company said, “With the spread of Corona at the beginning of 2020, the company faced a big turning point to grow in the robot and automation market.” “Our company was given an opportunity to expand robot sales in various areas, such as packaging automation and mask production automation, not only at plastic injection sites but also at sites for producing consumer goods, including cosmetics and foods, using collaborative and multi-joint robots at that time,” added the official explaining the background of the sales increase.    


To Be Listed on KOSDAQ in First Half of 2023 …“Consider Advancement Into Global Markets”
The company is preparing to be listed on the KOSDAQ thanks to rising sales. NAU Robotics signed a contract with Hi Investment & Securities to supervise the KOSDAQ listing in April last year and is expected to be listed in the first half of next year.

With the contract signing last year, Hi Investment & Securities has supported related advisory service, business expansion strategy consulting and systematic corporate finance solutions for corporate growth with the goal to be successfully listed on the KOSDAQ during the IPO.

The company has not yet revealed where the money will be invested after the public offering, but it is also considering advancement into global markets. According to the official, “We have no overseas corporations, but we are expanding the sales in Southeast Asian and East European markets,” adding that a contract was concluded to sell NURO X in Thailand and signed partnership contracts with nations, such as in Eastern Europe and the U.S.A. to widen regions for business.

The official said that the company also had a plan to expand its area of activities to the logistics automation market in addition to the plastic injection robot market. NAU Robotics is going to introduce two kinds of new logistics robots in the second half of this year.


In the meantime, NAU Robotics was selected as a First Penguin startup by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund in July last year. First Penguin is a system to select companies which are equipped with technology and competitiveness and have the potential to grow into global enterprises and provides support of up to 3 billion won for them.