Incheon City Select 28 Global IP Star Companies in 2021. . . Start to Support Them


The city of Incheon with Incheon Intellectual Property Center selected the final 28 ‘2021 global IP start companies’ through the selection committee.

According to the city on June 28, 2021, the selected companies are Heuron, Hye-Sung, Hans Korea, Harven, PKLNS, PISTIS, PRAIM, QL, Cosmos Way, GnG Technology, EPIT, Wellbeing Health Farm, One Star International, Wonkwang S&T, HB Sekero, Ace Diamond Tool, SCM Lifescience, Aju Cosmetic, Astro X, Skindom, Sonimedi, Shuvl Professional, Sunkyung Industry, BK Technology, Voronoi, Momo Stick, NAU Technics and NAO Tech.

In line with the nation’s policy to localize materials, parts and equipment, a considerable number of companies specializing in those items, and bio, robots and beauty which were specialty industries in Incheon were selected in 2021.   

Source: iFM