Multi-Axes Robots

Six-Axis Multi-Joint Take-Robots

Features of six-axis multi-joint take-robots exclusively for injection molding machines developed by the company

Here are six-axis robots developed by NAU Robotics!

Easy User-Centered UI

  • Provide intuitive UI so that even ordinary people, not robot experts, can easily use

Injection Machines and Simple Interface

  • Interlock boards are applied so that standardized EUROMAP12 and EUROMAP67 can be easily connected between an injection machine and a robot.

Integrated Valve Box System

  • These robots are designed to easily manage complicated valve lines, and field workers can easily operate them because an integrated system to manage vacuum valves (valve box) is applied.

Easy and Simple Interface Connection Ports

  • Easy management, checking and repair through interface connection ports which can be easily used and minimize errors in robot driving

Various Multi-Operations

  • Applicable to various processes, such as cutting after taking out, finishing, insert, packaging and loading

Solutions for the 4th Industries

  • Solve weak points that were impossible to handle with the existing cartesian robots due to increasingly sophisticated and complicated molds and where it is difficult to introduce the existing multi-axes robots in injection molding sites due to problems of difficult programming operation.