Robot automation system

Robot automation system

Various industrial robot automation systems which increase the efficiency of factories

From concept design to integrated entire line design, NAU Robotics establishes production automation in the rapidly changing industrial environment and fiercely competitive markets to complete the robot automation system!

The automation system of NAU Robotics, a leader of industrial automation technology, is flexible and expandable, and provides solutions to improve the clients’ competitiveness in terms of costs, quality and service.

NAU Robotics introduces robot automation systems which can be applied to all fields of industrial goods and consumer goods using industrial robots, such as multi-joint, Cartesian and Scara robots! The robot automation systems which were created through the differentiated competitiveness of NAU have been applied to various working processes, such as packaging, welding, transportation, loading, insert, cutting and inspection.

Please experience and enjoy uniform quality and accurate and efficient productivity! 

Magnetic assembling, inspection systems (view the case video)


Process Analysis

Analyze the present processes of clients to understand problems related to existing processes,
analyze to improve productivity and reduce prime costs

Automation Concept D/R

Design automobile concepts optimized to target processes and design optimized
cutting-edge robots through communicating with clients

Program Design

Secure unerring precision for the clients’ processes through 3D design, design optimized PLC programs

Field Setup

Install high-quality optimal tools, such as robots, end effectors and peripheral tools without errors, and field feedback

Mass-Production Operation and User Education

Provide the nation’s highest level education of automation solutions, conduct final inspection and
clients’ field test driving, mass-production operation user education