NAU Robotics Introduces Plastic Injection Molding Multi-Axes Robot ‘NURO X’


다관절 로봇

NAU Robotics announced on April 18 that it had released multi-joint robots which have realized the secondary automation of plastic injection. NURO X is a multi-axes robot which can execute operations like cutting, loading and transporting which were difficult for the existing cartesian robots in the plastic injection sites. A major feature of these new robots is that they can conduct the insert and take-out processes within injection machines, which are the most basic in the injection molding process, and then, automation of diverse secondary operations.

Until now, cartesian robots have been used in injection sites. In many cases, the stages of automation have been limited to the insert and take-out operations. As the injection procedure and structure of molds have become complicated, however, there were limitations to improve production efficiency to apply automation to the primary operation for simply putting in raw materials and taking out products.

An official of NAU Robotics explained, “The need to establish procedures to do cutting as part of additional processing operations after finishing the take-out process at an injection machine or connect with loading and transporting has been increasing. NURO X has a wide range and is economical because it can handle not only the basic insert and take-out but also the secondary operations with automation.”

Besides, NAU Robotics applied UI and UX programming developed by it to NURO X. It is more difficult and complicated to code ordinary multi-joint robots than cartesian robots. In consequence, users have experienced difficulties in operating them. NURO X, to which UI developed by NAU Robotics was applied, can be developed with icon shape-based programming. The purchasers can easily apply the robots and respond to field requests rapidly.