NAU Robotics Launch Smart Injection Cartesian Robot ‘NURO’



NAU Robotics, a ‘dark horse’ in industrial robots, released orthogonal robot NURO which can reflect the trend of injection molds optimally and connect even smart factories, on Feb. 18.

The NURO series recently introduced by NAU Robotics was made to transfer the plastic injection molding process to a smart system easily and quickly based on three concepts of `light weight, programming and smart.’


First of all, it was made in a much lighter and slimmer form than the existing robots, reflecting the space of an injection site, to minimize the space-related difficulties experienced while installing a robot. In addition, a separate programming system was established in connection with a teaching pendant (NUTP-7) exclusively for NURO. This new product provides UI which is composed in an intuitive icon shape, instead of the existing difficult coding system. Therefore, even beginners without expertise on robots can easily operate it using a screen and button.   

NAU Robotics Improves Productivity with Programming Solutions

The one biggest distinction of the new product introduced by NAU Robotics is the direct programming and MES solution linking function which is immediately applicable without support and request from the manufacturer. Previous robots with a series of processes to correct and apply programs through separate technicians were difficult to be immediately put into working processes. With NURO, however, users can swiftly respond without additional steps owing to its ‘direct programming,’ so it is expected to play an important role in increasing the production efficiency of companies. It also can check the production status in real-time, understand the working status of the factory at a glance and establish smart factories by being connected with MES solutions with its communication function.

CEO Lee Jong-ju of NAU Robotics said, “NURO is a cutting-edge NC-type handling cartesian take-out robot to lead smartization in the plastic injection market.” “Through applying the concept of ‘easy and fast’ to robots which were suffering from the prejudice that they are complicated and difficult, they also can be adopted for smart factories, the latest trend, to lead meaningful automation of the injection market,” Lee added.


NAU Robotics, in the meantime, was established in 2016 as a robot manufacturer to develop industrial robots and establish smart factories. Based on its experience and know-how accumulated in the process of providing robots and automation solutions in various industrial sites for five years, the company is going to continuously launch diverse robots to improve problems in the manufacturing industry.