NAU Robotics Relocates Its Office Building to a Larger One in Namdong Industrial Complex, Incheon


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NAU Robotics announced on March 16 that it moved its office building to establish a robot mass-production system and expand the employees working in the company.

The new building located in Incheon Namdong Industrial Complex is composed of two buildings for factories and offices. The building area is about five times larger than the old building.

According to an official of NAU Robotics, the new building was designed to promote horizontal and smooth communication among teams. A large meeting room was established on each floor to enable planning preparation, information sharing and on- and offline meetings among departments.

NAU Robotics organized production lines in the factory building to mass-produce Scara robots, multi-joint robots, self-driving logistics robots and automation equipment, as well as the recently released NURO series which features plastic injection smart orthogonal take-out robots. 

With the relocation of its building, NAU Robotics plans to diversify robot lineups and expand new businesses by establishing a robot mass-production system and launching self-driving logistics robots.

The 3-story office building has departments related to purchasing and production, a research center, a sales and marketing team and a management team.

CEO Lee Jong-ju said, “The recent office relocation was aimed at producing robots more quickly and efficiently, as the size of manpower has greatly increased in the process of the company continuously recording surpluses for the past four years,” adding, “At the new building, we will execute various strategies to be reborn as a global robotics enterprise, in addition to carrying out the existing business..