NAU Robotics, Selected as a Small But Strong Enterprise by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for Two Consecutive Years



NAU Robotics, ‘a leader of robotics,’ (CEO Lee Jong-ju) was selected by the Ministry of Employment and Labor as a small but strong business for two consecutive years. 

Small but strong companies which are equipped with higher competitiveness compared to their size and have working conditions favored by young people are selected and announced by the Ministry of Employment and Labor every year. NAU Robotics was also contained in the list last year and selected for two consecutive years.

NAU Robotics has built its own mass-production system after successively releasing NURO cartesian robots and NURO X multi-axes robots which are industrial robots applicable to the field of plastic injection, starting from the relocation of its office building in March. In addition, the company has made efforts to strengthen the corporate competitiveness while preparing to expand to the robot market for services by developing self-driving logistics robots with its purely domestic technology.

Besides, the company signed industry-school cooperation agreements with schools, such as Yuhan University and Youngsan University, in order to actively recruit talented people including young persons, and has been employing those people in connection with those schools. Based on such growth, NAU Robotics has recorded surpluses since its establishment in 2016. The company was selected by Incheon as a vision enterprise and as an SME with outstanding employee development programs by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and as a youth-friendly small but strong enterprise by the Ministry of Employment and Labor last year.

CEO Lee Jong-ju of NAU Robotics stated, “I am very happy because our company was selected as a small but strong company by the Ministry of Employment and Labor this year too after last year,” adding, “As robots are the food stuff of the 4th industry, we will continue to generously support and contribute to vitalizing the local economy in order to promote a brighter future with the youth of Korea.”


Meanwhile, NAU Robotics chose Hi Investment & Securities as the host for being listed on the KOSDAQ last year and is preparing for an IPO in 2023.