NAU Robotics Selected as a Youth-Friendly Small but Strong Company


나우로보틱스 청년친화 강소기업 선정

[Financial News] NAU Robotics announced on Feb. 3 that the company was selected as a ‘2022 youth-friendly small but strong business’ hosted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.  

Lee Jong-ju, CEO of NAU Robotics said, “In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we will play an important role to help the youth lead the future in the robot sector,” adding, “NAU Robotics will accelerate its efforts this year to lead the industrial robot market with bright and positive people.”

NAU Robotics already was selected as a small but strong SME by the Ministry of Employment and Labor in June last year. The company also was chosen by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups as an SME with outstanding employee development programs and a vision company by Incheon. Besides, the company has established an industry-academy cooperation system with Yuhan University and Youngsan University to help young people learn theories and practical business about the robot industry and get jobs.

The company also provides various benefits for its executives and employees. ‘The in-house mentoring system’ helps them quickly adapt to the industrial robot sector in connection with a project aimed at organizing learning. NAU Robotics also provides a cafeteria and a resting room so that people can work in a more comfortable environment. Additionally, the company is operating a ‘research allowance system’ to enhance its technological competitiveness, in order to encourage their sense of achievement and satisfaction for work.

In March, the company, in particular, is going to expand and relocate its headquarters to establish a robot mass-production system and improve its expertise and efficiency by providing a highly remarkable working environment to its employees.

The ‘youth-friendly small but strong businesses’ is a system of the Ministry of Employment and Labor to select such companies. To be selected as small but strong firms, such companies should satisfy a certain level in terms of wages, balance between work and life and the employment safety indicators.