NAU Technics Acquires T-3 Grade as Excellent Enterprise in Technology Credit Evaluation


NAU Technics, a robot maker, acquired the T-3 grade in technology credit evaluation executed by NICE Information Service in 2021, and was certified for its capacity to carry out excellent technology projects and technological competitiveness.

The technology credit evaluation is about comprehensively analyzing economic values, such as technology, marketability, feasibility and management capabilities, and assessing them in 10 grades of T1-T10.

The T3 grade acquired by NAU Technics, as a grade given to companies owning excellent technology, is granted to enterprises with high potential to grow.

NAU Technics helps companies develop 6-axis vertical multi-joint robots to be exclusively used for injection machines and realize robot automation appropriate in various sites based on its robot portfolio.

An official of NAU Technics said, “Our company has been recognized for excellent technology by acquiring the T-3 grade in technology credit evaluation,” adding, “The company will continue to develop robots specialized for diverse industries and establish robot automation references, in order to support the realization of smart factories.”

Source: Monthly Robot Technology