NAU Technics, an Excellent Company in Job Creation Selected by Incheon, “Accelerating Efforts to Enter the Robot Market”


NAU Technics was selected as an excellent company in job creation in 2020 by Incheon. The city organized an award for people operating SMEs and excellent companies for enterprises which worked as leaders of regional economic development, and finally selected businesses through paper screening, on-the-spot inspection and deliberation by a committee. NAU Technics received the honor of being selected as an excellent company in job creation for contributing to regional economic development and job creation.

An official of NAU Technics said, “Our company was selected as a promising SME to lead the 21st century following the policy of Incheon to cultivate SMEs,” adding, “We will actively join the government politics and prepare a stepping stone towards co-prosperity. We will try to prepare a plan to activate the regional economy.” The company actually is achieving its goals step by step by acquiring patents and certificates and signing agreements with educational institutions for mutual exchange and cooperation.

Source: Monthly Robot Technology