NAU Technics, from Patent for Robot Arm Gripper to Technology·Management Innovation Certification!


NAU Technics, a leading player in the robot automation industry, announced that it acquired a patent for technology and certificates for technology and management innovation. The company, which has expanded its business area to the robot automation industry and markets using robots, has become famous by vigorously engaging in business activities. Accordingly, the company has acquired a technology patent, technology and management certification and venture business certificate, strengthening its competitiveness.

They successfully developed grippers which could be used in industry and research fields that required the gripping of automation processes and operation targets. NAU Technics has understood the existing problem of connecting and using expensive driving motors for each finger in order to control the movement of fingers. According to the company, this was because there were problems in terms of size and rising costs due to driving motors.

NAU Technics acquired a patent for grippers, economic robot arms, by reducing the number of motors to drive the gripping part. Additionally, the company has enhanced the competitiveness of products by reducing the area where parts were installed to provide products in a compact size. 

Source: Monthly Robot Technology