Report After Visiting a New Factory of NAU Technics, Busily Preparing New Business, Secure a Wider Space [Interview with Monthly Yeogie]


On Sept. 4, 2018, this reporter visited a new factory of NAU Technics, a system partner of Hanwha Precision Machinery for collaborative robots. The company, which has expanded its area to the collaborative robot SI beginning from injection automation, relocated its head office to 468beon-gil 97-12, Cheungneungdae-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon on Aug. 22 last year. If you enter the alley dense with factories following navigation instructions, go into the alley near an orange factory, and you can easily see the signboard of NAU Technics.

Incheon LI Center where the company was previously located was somewhat narrow to establish robot systems. The new factory has a space up to four times wider than the previous one. At first glance, you can see that the site and office have become much wider than the previous factory and the floor height has become higher as well. Most of all, the burden of fixed costs, such as the monthly rent, has been reduced by owning a factory.

In detail, the modern interior catches people’s eye. The CEO office and all employees’ offices, conference rooms and cafeteria are divided by glass to look more sophisticated, and rail lamps were installed in the cafeteria to produce sensuous lighting.

NAU Technics team leader Jeong Tae-woo, whom this reporter met at his office, looked busy. The general facilities and office equipment were moved into the new offices, but detailed cleaning and arrangement were not complete.

Source: Monthly Yeogie

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