Apply Easy Multi-Joint Robot UI

The intuitive UI is provided, instead of the difficult coding type of the existing multi-joint robots, so that even people who are not robot experts can use easily.

Easy Interface

Apply the interlock boards which easily enable interface connections with standardized EUROMAP12 / EUROMAP67 between injection machines and multi-axes robots.

Integrated Valve Box System

Designed to easily manage complicated valve lines by applying an integrated vacuum valve box system, field laborers can easily operate multi-axes robots.

Interface Connection Port

They can be easily managed through easy and simple interface connection ports, they can be conveniently checked and repaired and errors in robot operation are minimized.

Intuitive User Interface

Designed according to the intuitive UI type, instead of the existing difficult coding type, to be operated like or cartesian take-out robots, even people who are not robot experts can easily operate them.

Optimized Software

It is possible to easily realize a robot system with the optimized programming through analyzing injection molding processes, such as taking out, insert, gate cutting and palletizing.

Easy Operation

Equipped with a touch screen, it is possible to quickly and easily confirm inputs through a really bright seven-inch screen.

Maximized Efficiency

The efficiency is maximized by resolving requirements of injection molding processes, such as multi-species small production and complicated molding structure, and various specifications of the working environment.