Compact robots optimized to assemble electrical and automotive parts


Scara Robots with fast
speed and
high repeatability

High Efficiency

Occupy less space
and have a wide
operating radius

Reasonable Price

Lower burden with
reasonable and economical price
compared to other products

Easy Maintenance

Easy and simple maintenance
after buying a Scara robot
applied with sufficient system solution

TAICHI Programming Language

As a programing language which is easy and can be simply used, it can be employed to control robot motions and to make i/O and network communication.

Apply the i/O System

A standard digital I/O system and a Fieldbus I/O module are applied, Modbus RTU communication in addition to TCP I/P

Provide a Tracking Module

It is useful for robots to directly choose operation positions by providing conveyor tracking modules and to engage in work.

Supporting System Module

It is possible to adjust a third driver and motor through Fieldbus.