NAU Robotics Selected as an SME with Outstanding Employee Development Programs by Ministry of SMEs and Startups


NAU Robotics announced on Aug. 26, 2021 that the company was selected by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups as an SME with outstanding employee development programs.

This system of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups is aimed at annually selecting companies which continuously hire excellent manpower with expertise and capacities, including technological abilities and R&D capabilities or foster employees in an exemplary way through generous investment in education and training. 

NAU Robotics has actively recruited persons specialized in the robot sector and promoted their growth and development by introducing in-house educational programs.

The company has participated in a project operated by Human Resources Development Service of Korea for organizing learning since last year and is seeking to grant opportunities to new employees to learn about the robot industry and quickly adapt to the organization.

In addition, the company has continuously prepared programs, such as a mentoring system, training for business owners and external robot education through inviting outside lecturers, so employees can acquire knowledge in various fields and continue to develop. Recognized by Incheon for such efforts, the company was listed as an excellent SME in job creation.

CEO Lee Jong-ju of NAU Robotics said, “NAU Robotics has endlessly tried to recruit and cultivate robot experts since its establishment. We will continue to provide diverse mentoring and educational opportunities, such as operation of in-house projects for organizing learning, so that the company can be reborn as a stronger and more organic firm.”

(Source: ZD NET KOREA / )