“NAU Technics Actively Responding to Various Fields Based on References of Many Cases of Collaborative Robot Application” (Interview with Handler)


Collaborative robots which secure the safe working environment of humans and at the same time, promote the improvement of productivity have recently been in the spotlight. Hanwha Techwin launched collaborative robot HCR-5 with a weight of 29kg and payload of 5kg in March, 2017, in order to respond to the 4th Industrial Revolution and smart factories. HCR-5, a tablet-type teaching pendant with a swivel handle, was designed to avoid collisions in advance by setting virtual safety boundaries, and even beginners can easily do programming using it.

NAU Technics (, a distributor of Hanwha Techwin collaborative robots, has the largest number of cases of establishment of automation systems using collaborative robots among Korean companies. Based on such diverse references, the company is trying to expand its market by actively coping with needs from various fields.

NAU Tech was established as a company specializing in automation equipment in May, 2015, and became to a corporation under the name of NAU Technics by signing a contract with Hanwha Techwin to be an agency of collaborative robots in November of the following year. The current employees are veterans skilled in development of process automation systems, design, control and installment. As most of them have accumulated experience over many years in companies related to robots and automation, even a small number of workers are taking charge of delivery to customer companies, installation, test driving and A/S by designing and producing automation systems using collaborative robots as main items.

Collaborative robots began to be used in recent times, but NAU Technics certainly has the largest number of installation achievements and references among Korean companies dealing with collaborative robots. The company, in particular, is handling the establishment of automation systems regarding processes of diverse fields, such as injection molding, assembling, processing, inspection and packaging.

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